How to combat hair-loss?

 combat hair loss

combat hair loss

Hair loss is something that every man suffers from at some point in his life. Men with male pattern hair loss begin as early as 20 years old. Hair actually grows from a sac called follicle that produces keratin cells. The strands of hair that grow out are the accumulation of dead keratin cells. However, over time, the hair follicle shrinks in size giving rise to thin strands of hair and eventually the follicle does not grow any hair. When the hair follicles are exposed to DHT enzyme produced in the body for prolonged periods of time, they start to shrink leading to reduction and ultimately lose of hair. Research has shown that men with baldness exhibited higher DHT levels compared to men who have hair. This probed researchers to think that reducing DHT levels on the scalp could be a way to improving the hair growth. The main cause for male pattern baldness was determined to be environmental factors and genetics. However having to live with baldness is no longer required, as there are many potent ways to combat hair loss.

Using hairpieces

Using hairpieces such as wigs and weaves can help you disguise the baldness and is usually the safest and most cost saving way. However, this gives an artificial look and might not give you the cosmetic results you desire.

Hair Transplant

Going with surgical treatments is another way to improve your hair growth. During a hair transplant surgery, hair from one area of the head is moved to the bald part of the head in tiny patches. This procedure is usually done in several sessions. Although it produces effective results, it is the most expensive way to treat hair loss.


With the advance of medical sciences, there are a lot of great medications available in the market to treat male pattern baldness. Two such prominent pills are Propecia and Rogaine. Compared to Rogaine, Propecia was determined to be a more potent medication as it works on the hormonal level while Rogaine works only the scalp by improving the function of hair follicles. Rogaine comes in the form of a solution that needs to be applied on the scalp while Propecia is available as orally consumable pills. The effects of Propecia can also be seen much faster and last much longer. You can buy Propecia online without a prescription, from many trusted online pharmacies.


Propecia is a 5α-reductase inhibitor that works to reduce the levels of DHT in the scalp, by preventing its conversion from testosterone. Moreover, it produced satisfactory results in 85% of the men who have used it. Propecia comes in the form of 1 mg tablets that can be used once daily.

Use can use the above guide to choosing the method that best suits your needs. Some methods may work for you while others may not. So try to be patient and see the method that works for you the best.